Psychotherapist in education under supervision

The Austrian psychotherapy education is made up of several parts – initially, one has to complete a basic course, which is then followed by specialist training. This part of the education requires one to choose a psychotherapeutic method, followed by training to use the specific techniques, internships and self awareness (individual psychotherapy and group therapy). Once the basics of the education are completed, the status of “psychotherapist in education under supervision” is awarded. This means, one is able to work as a psychotherapist but has to gather 600 hours of practical experience in order to complete the psychotherapy education. In the course of these 600 hours, one has to regularly access supervision.


As a psychotherapist in education under supervision I am required to talk through my work with an experienced psychotherapist to ensure I am offering you the best support possible and my work is immaculate. For you, this means I will talk about issues from your therapy to my supervisor, I ask them about anything I may be uncertain with and I do my best to be exact and conscientious in my work.