Mag.a (FH) Kathrin Petersdorfer MSc

Psychotherapist (Integrative Therapy) |

Social worker





The psychotherapy I am educated to deliver is Integrative Therapy. There’s more information on this here.



I am also a social worker and have been in this profession for over 10 years. This has enabled me to gather a lot of experience which you can benefit from in psychotherapy, couples therapy and counselling. 


Amongst other jobs I have worked as the regional manager for Familiengerichtshilfe, at various family counselling services and in probation services. From my job experience I have acquired specific knowledge of relationships, family, separation and divorce (including custody and visitation issues), domestic violence and borderline (BPD) issues.


Take a look at my CV for further information.


I am able to provide psychotherapy, couples therapy and counselling in English without any difficulty as I have lived in the UK (Birmingham, Hull, Leeds) for several years and am perfectly fluent.


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