Psychotherapy is a scientifically sound method of treatment to ease or cure mental suffering or illness. However, many people choose to access psychotherapy without being “ill”, just to deal with problems or conflict, to develop on a personal level or to confront issues to improve their quality of life.


In psychotherapy, the client/patient-therapist relationship is crucial, which is why I offer a free of charge initial appointment to enable you and me to get to know each other. The decision whether to start psychotherapy follows on from that.


The duration of psychotherapy is highly individual, usually it may be between a few months and three years. The process too is different from person to person and is adapted to each client’s/patient’s circumstances and goals.


Possible reasons to access psychotherapy could be, amongst many others, anxiety, grief, conflict, crises, relationship and sexual issues, loss, addiction, psychosomatic illnesses, mental illnesses, behavioural or eating disorders, decision making, the past, present or future.


I am particularly experienced in the areas of Borderline Personality Disorder (those affected themselves or those affected by someone close), violence (victims and perpetrators), relationship and sex issues as well as family issues.


I also offer couples therapy, psychotherapeutic groups and counselling.


Contact me to arrange a free of charge initial appointment.