It is common for problems, discontent or conflicts to arise in any relationship. Sometimes this is upsetting to a point where couples therapy or counselling becomes useful to provide support through an outside person who is not involved in the relationship.


Couples therapy or counselling can help you work on your specific, personal relationship issues – they vary greatly between different couples.


You may wish to talk about a certain issue in the presence of another person, for example because you are afraid of what your partner's reaction will be. Maybe you are considering separation or have separated already and would like to find a way of communicating in a more appropriate way. Or you have noticed that the same things lead to arguments over and over and want to actively work on changing this.


Particularly when couples experience disagreements or changes in their sex life or face big changes in their relationship (such as illness, unfaithfulness, the loss of a child, etc.), couples therapy provides a safe environment to talk about taboo subjects and learn new ways of interacting.


Often, conflicts can be resolved by making some changes to your communication patterns. In couples therapy or counselling I will introduce you to new ways of communicating and you will get the chance to try and practise them. Additionally, we will talk about the way you behave and treat each other and I will support you in making changes to this if you are ready to do so and feel it may be useful for your relationship.


Couples therapy also allows you to deal with issues from the past which negatively affect your current relationship.


At the start of the couples therapy or counselling process it is possible to have one session each individually, which can help to establish your individual views, your expectations, hopes and fears. We will use the first joint session to work out your goals as a couple, agree on rules for the following sessions and have a look at the way you communicate.


In the following sessions I will support you in reflecting on your relationship, working towards your goals and improving your relationship or – sometimes this is the only option – finding a good way to end your relationship.


I use a variety of methods in couples therapy and counselling which I adjust to your issues, preferences and abilities as well as the goals you have set.


Often it makes sense to access individual psychotherapy along with couples therapy to allow you to work on childhood issues, experiences of your parents' relationship etc.


In my opinion couples therapy or counselling is not appropriate if there have been repeated instances of violent behaviour in your relationship. In this case I recommend individual counselling or therapy for each partner and I’m happy to advise you on that.


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