The way I work

My work is based on the modern integrative concept which includes psychodynamic, humanistic and systemic approaches.


I view human beings as "bio-psycho-social beings" whose personalities develop through a combination of genetic/biological factors, their experiences and the environment they live in. Since a large portion of development is based on learning, I am convinced that anyone is able to learn new things and get rid of old patterns and habits throughout their lives. You are the expert for your own life as no one else shares your unique knowledge and perception of your own history. My role is to support you as a professional/clinical expert to find solutions which are right for you and to aid your personal development.


Integrative Therapy, which is what I am educated in, centres around humanity.


“Human contact makes us human”


In psychotherapy (and counselling) the patient-therapist relationship is key and feeling appreciated and accepted can be a healing experience in itself.


The concept of “inter-subjectivity” plays an important role in my work. This means I will engage with you in such a way that we share a point of view and can focus on issues as a team, basically we share one subjective perception of an issue.


Aside from conversational techniques I use a variety of methods to ensure my work compliments your personality, preferences and individual issues. Transparency is key in my work so I will always explain to you why I am suggesting a certain method and how it works, so you can then choose for yourself whether you want to give it a go.


These are some examples of the techniques I use:

  • Visualising various systems and structures to allow you to look at them from a new perspective
  • Working with symbols to visualise feelings or situations
  • Painting to allow you to express things which may be hard to put into words
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Working with scales and hierarchies to help you grasp situations or feelings which are hard to comprehend
  • Role play and working "with an empty chair" which can for example be useful for practising conversational situations
  • Therapeutic theatre
  • Body chart
  • Life-panorama
  • Journey of imagination
  • and many more