Psychosocial counselling describes a type of counselling which centres around your internal emotional state as well as social components such as the environment you live in and the way you deal with this. Using my social work background, I will counsel you regarding your thoughts and feelings as well as on a purely practical level, for example by recommending a particular support service and supporting you in accessing it.


My counselling goal is to help you to help yourself by supporting you to find solutions suited to you and achieving certain goals. Often juft a few counselling sessions will be enough to achieve this.


I offer my professional view and knowledge but I view you as the real expert for your own life. Your personality, experiences, individual situation and your strengths are crucial. When counselling, I focus on "right here, right now" - the way you feel at the moment and the way you now look back on your past.


Counselling is useful if you have a particular, concrete issue you would like to tackle such as child guidance, separation and divorce, family planning and job-related issues. Due to being a social worker I am able to offer a lot of information on the support available or to help you deal with the authorities, resolve financial issues etc.


During the counselling process I support you in finding appropriate strategies to deal with your problem or conflict. You are familiar with your situation, your strengths and weaknesses as well as possible other people involved. My job is to support you to reach your counselling goal using your own abilities and resources.


I use a variety of counselling techniques to enable you to experience new perspectives and achieve change.


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