Terms & conditions

Free first appointment

Before you start to access psychotherapy, couples therapy or counselling, we will arrange a free of charge first session which will last around 30 minutes. This is an opportunity for you to get to know me without any obligation and decide whether you would like to access one of my services.



Please make sure to arrive on time as the session times cannot be extended. Should your session be shorter than 50 minutes due to your late arrival, you will still have to pay the full price.


In case you are unable to come to an appointment please let me know as soon as possible (email, contact form, phone, text message). If you cancel less than 24 hours before the appointment you will still have to pay the full price of the session.



Payment of psychotherapy, couples therapy or counselling is to be made by bank transfer after each session unless a different payment method has been agreed.


Children and teens

If you are a parent wanting your child to access counselling (e.g. for children who refuse to go to school, have behavioural issues etc.) from a professional point of view parents too should access counselling sessions. Therefore, if you arrange counselling for your child you are required to access one counselling session for every 5 counselling sessions your child comes to.



All content from psychotherapy, couples therapy and counselling sessions is confidential. This means I will not pass on any information in connection with you and I will treat your issues confidentially. Equally, I need children's and teenagers' permission to pass on information about the content of sessions to parents.


To maintain a high standard of quality in my service, I regularly access professional supervision in the course of which I discuss contents of my work with my supervisor. In this context too, I do not pass on names or any details which might make your identifiable. The supervisor as well as any possible further participants of supervision sessions have a duty to keep all information confidential, too.


Despite my confidentiality guidelines, I may have to pass on certain information in certain exceptional cases such as when you pose an acute danger to yourself or others. Should this happen, I make every effort to contact you and let you know I am taking this step and to support you as best as I can.


Should you want me to pass on information about you to anyone else, you are able to agree in writing to override confidentiality guidelines.