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Welcome to my homepage.


Have a look round to find out about my services, myself and my practice.


In my practice room in the 7th district in Vienna I offer psychotherapy, couples therapy and counselling.


If you are unsure which of my services is the right one for you, I am happy to advise you in an initial appointment.


I am a BMFJ accredited counsellor and therefore able to deliver counselling as required by § 95 Abs. 1a AußStrG regarding the specific needs of minors resulting from divorce as required by court.


You can also access court ordered parents’, family and child guidance counselling as required by § 107 Abs. 3 Z 1 AußStrG, as I am accredited by the BMFJ to deliver this as well.


In addition, I offer a variety of seminars and self awareness sessions, some of them in English. Click here for information about seminars currently on offer.


I base my work around your needs and wishes as I believe you are the expert for your own life. I aim to support you in finding solutions based on your experience, personality, individual situation, your environment and your competences.


I am able to provide psychotherapy, couples therapy and counselling in English without any difficulty as I have lived in the UK for several years (Birmingham, Hull, Leeds - please excuse the accent!).


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