Counselling prior to a divorce by mutual consent (§ 95 Abs. 1a AußStrG)

I am accredited by the Bundesministerium für Familien und Jugend (Familiy Ministry) to deliver counselling as required by § 95 Abs. 1a AußStrG regarding the specific needs of minors resulting from a divorce. Upon completion you will receive written confirmation of your attendance which you can use in Court.


Ideally, both parents should access this type of counselling together, however I am able to offer individual sessions if required. This specific counselling setting usually takes two sessions for individuals or both parents together. There is also a group offer available in German only, which requires both parents to attend together and takes three sessions.


This specific type of counselling is meant to help you find appropriate ways to talk to your child about the divorce, reduce negative development arising from the divorce and to realise new chances for your child as well as you as newly separated parents.


In counselling sessions according to § 95 Abs. 1a AußStrG the following content must be covered:

  • children's perception of their parents' divorce

  • children's rights

  • emotional challenges and conflicts parents are faced with

  • ways to support and relieve your child

  • new chances arising from the divorce

  • information about additional support available

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