Terms & conditions

Participation guidelines

Groups can be accessed once you have completed a free initial appointment with me and can be left at any point, there is no commitment.


The groups are meant to facilitate an informal exchange of thoughts, feelings and experiences and must not be used to advertise or recruit members for any clubs, service providers or similar.



Groups take place fortnightly and last around 120 minutes each. Check for dates here.


There is no commitment to participate in groups on a regular basis. Despite this, I still would ask you to let me know if you will miss the group or stop coming altogether.


The facilitator reserves the right to cancel group sessions due to urgent reasons such as illness. In this case, participants will be notified as soon as possible.



Each group attendance costs € 30, to be paid by bank transfer.



Any information shared by participants in the course of group sessions is confidential as far as the facilitator is concerned. This means I will not pass on any information in connection with you and I will treat your issues confidentially.


To maintain a high standard of quality in my service, I regularly access professional supervision in the course of which I discuss contents of my counselling work with my supervisor. In this context I also will not pass on names or any details which might make your identifiable. The supervisor as well as any possible further participants of supervision sessions too have a duty to keep all information confidential.


Despite my confidentiality guidelines, I may have to pass on certain information under particular circumstances such as when you pose an acute danger to yourself or others. Should this happen, I will make every effort to contact you and let you know I am taking this step and to support you as best as I can.


In groups we have an agreement to keep shared information confidential. However, only the facilitator is legally obliged to adhere to confidentiality guidelines and cannot be held responsible in case other participants pass on confidential information despite the agreement.